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About Our Company

Do What: Provide tree and shrub care
Who For: Homeowners who need tree and shrub care services, and also place a high value on quality and responsiveness
How: By applying best practices, and expert knowledge to preserve the health and wellbeing of their trees and shrubs
Why: Because healthy trees are safer and enhance the value of their property
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About Our Founder

8 years ago I came out to the west coast as a small town kid from Indiana. Immediately I became infatuated with the mountains and the enormous trees. I dedicated my life to climbing them. My sole purpose was to master the craft of moving up and down any kind of terrain mother nature could throw at me. Rock, snow, ice…and trees.


By the time I got into tree business I had climbed some of the biggest rock walls on earth and lead teams to the top of enormous, glaciated peaks like Mt. Rainier. With an affinity for all things green combined with my expertise with safety and rope systems I started Cascade Tree Care.

Derrick Meyers